Part II - The Earthís Best Start-Up Begins



Sometimes I sensed that there were invisible forces working against us, standing in our way. In my imagination, I linked one to the karma Arnie and I were carrying forward from our dad and his dad and who knows how many generations of Kosses or Cohoses or whatever our last name was ten generations ago. Basically the Koss story was one of heartbreak, being screwed by a partner, being cast in the shadows by a large company, innovating too early, and relying heavily on others for the money to get into business. The deeply held emotional result and pattern in the Koss lineage then became a certain unresolved, unexpressed, and entrenched bitterness and anger. In my dad, I had seen a creeping calcification that encrusted his good and very generous inherent nature. He had become invested in resentment and defined by his disappointment in others.

It was amazing to glean an insight into comprehending that Arnie and I were in the midst of potentially repeating and reproducing many of the same dynamics that set us on a direct path to follow in our ancestorsí footsteps and fulfill its unfulfillment. Would we, could we, break the chain of feeling victimized and embittered in business such that it defined how we greeted the rest of life each day? What story would we tell to ourselves and our children about what happened when it was our turn to be entrepreneurs? This is it, the Earthís Best story; our opportunity and attempt not only to start an organic baby-food company, but to resolve an encoded family trait already set in motion, that if not transformed, would cause us to relive our fatherís, fatherís, fatherís separation from a more joyful life.

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