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Ron Koss interviewed on the Jim Blasingames Small Business Advocate Radio Show. You must have Javascript enabled on your browser to view the link.

Ron Koss on The Mark Johnson Show - March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010: This is a wide ranging 90 minute interview with Ron Koss on The Mark Johnson Show (WDEV Radio, 96.1 FM. Waterbury, VT)

Ron and Arnie Interviewed by Neal Charnoff - May, 27, 2010

Ron and Arnie interviewd on Vermont Public Radio

8 Tips for Finding Angel Investors by Arnie Koss

Every entrepreneurial initiative needs seed money and eventually working capital to get started; the friendlier and more simpatico that money, the better. But that does not necessarily mean family money is the best place to start. It may be, but don't assume that it is. Family money can have strings attached that are restrictive and undermining to moving a venture forward. Identifying so called "angel investors" may be exactly what you need.

How to Overcome Start-Up Fears by Ron Koss

Many people find that their entrepreneurial dream cannot overcome their fears of making mistakes and ultimately failing. Sometimes fear serves a purpose. Everyone is not cut out to be an entrepreneur. But conversely sometimes fears need to be understood, challenged, and overcome because entrepreneurship represents the cutting edge of their creative expression and personal satisfaction. Here are some tips to sort through this possible conundrum.

10 Tips for Launching Your Big Organic Idea by Ron and Arnie Koss